TPE-O - Polypropylene based elastomers


Product description

Vistamaxx™ performance polymers are innovative solutions with the potential for growth expansion. Vistamaxx polymers enable companies to develop innovative solutions that can improve product performance and manufacturing efficiency. It can also contribute to increased sustainability by downgauging packaging films, reducing material use, reducing wall thickness in rigid packaging and strengthening products to avoid breakage or waste. It can also reduce energy consumption through lower temperature processing. Vistamaxx™ performance polymers are propylene based elastomers. The range consists of grades with an MFI range from 3 – 48 (g/10 min. at 2.16kg). The ethylene content in % w/w ranges from 4 – 16%, depending on the specific grade.


• Rigid & flexible packaging

• Impact modification of injection-moulded PP

• Impact modification of thermoformed PP

• Stress whitening reduction of ICP

• Rubber modification

• ESCR improvement blow moulded HDPE

• Filler masterbatch & compounds

• TPO roofing

• Thermoformed heavy layer mats

• Injection-moulded heavy layer mats

Benefits and features:

• Maintain clarity of HPP & RCP

• Increase flexibility and impact

• Soft and comfortable surface touch

• Wider processing window

• Dry blending acceptance

• Broad compatibility with other polymers

• High loading

• Improves dispersion





Country availability

Algeria Austria
Belgium Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bulgaria Croatia
Cyprus Czech Republic
Egypt France
Germany Greece
Hungary Ireland
Italy Libyen
Luxembourg Macedonia
Mauritania Morocco
Netherlands Poland
Romania Serbia
Slovakia Slovenia
Spain Tunisia

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