Albiflex®, Albipox®

Product description

By having the Albiflex® and Albipox® products from EVONIK, Biesterfeld can supply you with high class tougheners for adhesive formulations. Within this range, different technologies for significant improvement of properties can be offered.

Albiflex® 297 and Albiflex® 246 are reactive linear block copolymers in epoxy resin to improve mechanical strength, chemical resistance, elasticity, flexibility and dielectric properties.

The Albipox® products are concentrates of elastomeric copolymers in epoxy resin. They enable formulators to enhance adhesion on various substrates and significantly increase toughness resp. flexibility.

Possible applications for these additives are structural adhesives for construction, aerospace, automotive and transport, industrial assembly and electronics.

Type Active content (%wt) Resin Viscosity @ 25°C
Albiflex® 297 40 DGEBA 20
Albiflex® 246 40 DGEBA 35
Albipox® 1000 40 DGEBA 165-180
Albipox® 2000 40 DGEBA 300-345
Albipox® 3001 15 DGEBA/F 212-220
Albipox® 8001 10 DGEBA 260-300




Albiflex®, Albipox®

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