Tomato powder

Transa T1000-4000 tomato powder

Product description

We offer tomato powder and tomato concentrates from Transa. These products are sustainable, qualitative and innovative. Typical applications are spice mixtures, instant soups and ready meals.

Tradename Description & Application E-Number/Producer
CB T1000 (Standard CB) Cold Break, spray dried: smaller grain size, orange colored, becomes very liquid after dissolving Transa
CB T3000 Cold Break, belt dried: becomes pulpy after dissolving and receives a dark red color Transa
HB T4000 (Standard HB) Hot Break, belt dried: pulpy after dissolving, good adhesive properties, sweet taste Transa
HB T2000 Hot Break, spray dried Transa
Semi HB&CB, belt dried, readily soluble, pulpy and intensive red Transa




Transa T1000-4000 tomato powder

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