Textile Emulsion

Product description

Variety of silicone emulsions for fabric conditioning which can be used to reduce wrinkling, aid ironing, and add water absorbency and softness to fabrics.

Tradename Chemical Description Form Active %
Xiameter™ MEM-1865 Anionic / non-ionic microemulsion - PDMS Liq 40
Xiameter™ MEM-8035 Cationic emulsion - amino functional Liq 35
Xiameter™ MEM-8203 Non-ionic microemulsion – amido functional Liq 18
Xiameter™ MEM-8663 Cationic microemulsion – amino functional Liq 15
Xiameter™ MEM-0346 Silicone emulsion - medium viscosity PDMS Liq 60
Xiameter™ MEM-0036 Non-ionic emulsion - PDMS Liq 35
Xiameter™ MEM-1607 Cationic emulsion - PDMS Liq 36
Dowsil™ HV 496 Anionic emulsion - high viscosity PDMS Liq 35



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