Soft Skin Adhesives

Product description

Liveo™ Soft Skin Adhesives MG 7-9xxx is a range of skin adhesives that offers low peel release force for different levels of skin adhesion. They are based on two-part platinum-catalyzed cure technology without organic by-products and utilize polyethylene protective release liner. The soft fillerless silicone elastomeric adhesives are transparent before and after cure, low in viscosity and solvent free. The product family is recommended for applications that require gentle adhesion on the skin or the option to re-apply or reposition. Potential applications can be in the field of wound dressings or scar therapy that benefit from atraumatic removal without skin stripping.

Product Adhesion [N/2.5cm]
Liveo™ 7-9700 Soft Skin Adhesive 0.6
Liveo™ MG 7-9800 Soft Skin Adhesive 0.6
Liveo™ MG 7-9850 Soft Skin Adhesive 1.1
Liveo™ MG 7-9900 Soft Skin Adhesive 1.9



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