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Biesterfeld supplies you with Innoslip® amide waxes from PATHWEL.

Amide waxes, such as Erucamide or Oleamide, have long been the best-known standard lubricants in polymer processing and are well accepted as slip and antiblock additives over the service life of plastics.

Processing aids are often required already for the compounding of reinforced or elastomeric plastics, in most cases for lowering the shear forces of polymer melts, which not only helps to avoid pre-degradation but also improves throughput. Depending on the substrate polarity, greater external lubricity may also be achieved, e.g. for lowering the adherence of the polymer melt on metal surfaces.

The slip and antiblock effects are confined to finished plastic parts, often from the range of polyolefins. Slip properties enable two surfaces to slide more smoothly over each other, e.g. for easier opening of screw tops. In contrast, antiblock properties reduce the adhesion of two surfaces. This provides for easier handling, as is often desired when we try to open plastic film packaging.

Trade name Innoslip E® Innoslip O®
Classification Erucasäureamid Ölsäureamid
Description Processing aid for higher extrusion temperatures. Low volatility. Very good and balanced internal and external lubrication for non-polar plastics. In particular suitable for polyolefins and TPE-O. Processing aid for moderate extrusion temperatures. Good slip and antiblock properties in finished plastic parts. Particularly suitable for TPE and rubbers.


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