Silicone Fluids - Pharmaceutical Grade

Product description

The Liveo™ Q7-9120 Silicone Fluids are high-purity non-volatile pharmaceutical grade Silicone Fluids used in a variety of applications.

Topical: pharmaceutical Excipients in topical forms like creams lotions, gels ointments, sprays or sticks. Enhanced aesthetics and efficacy help to increase the patient compliance. Prototype formulations are available and test data demonstrate functional benefits like in vitro drug delivery data based on model drugs, occlusivity levels and substantivity profiles.

Oral: excipient in the coating of capsules.

Process aid: bio-fermentation

Regulatory compliance:

Tested according to and complies with all National Formulary (NF) non parenteral requirements for Dimethicone Monograph. Tested according to and comply with the European Pharmacopeia requirements for Dimethicone or Silicone Oil used as Lubricant monograph, depending on viscosity.

Meets the requirements of the Skin Protectant Drug Products for Over-the-Counter Human use final Monograph (21 CFR 347.10)

Supplied from a FDA inspected site operating under cGMP guidelines. Product regulatory Information, Elemental impurities and summary of health data are available upon request.

Product Functionality General Information
Liveo™Q7-9120 Silicone Fluids Emollient, substantivity & spreading agent, lubricant, skin protectant Polydimethylsiloxane - Dimethicone



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