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Product description

The Ortegol® product range from our supplier EVONIK includes various functional additives for all types of polyurethane applications (foamed and non-foamed).

With the help of Ortegol® additives specific end properties can be achieved, like antistatic protection, abrasion reduction or the reduction of aldehyde emissions.

In addition, the portfolio contains processing aids for the production process, which are interesting if the production situation cannot be changed. So there are Ortegol® products to support cell opening, improve wetting, homogenise raw materials or increase the processing window.

Because of the rich capabilities of this product line, our technical sales team is ready to discuss your requirements and goals to provide the best technical solution.

Product Description
Ortegol® 204 Polyfunctional cross-linking agent
Ortegol® 215 Organic & non-ionic emulsifier
Ortegol® 310 Softener, hardness reducer (for slabstock foam)
Ortegol® 315 Organic & non-ionic emulsifier for polyester systems
Ortegol® 410 Compatibilizer for non-halogenated blown (pentane) rigid foams
Ortegol® 500 Silicone-free cell opener
Ortegol® 501 Silicone-free cell opener (for rigid foams)
Ortegol® AB Abrasion reducer (for elastomers and moulded foams)
Ortegol® BW 1 Wetting agent for isocyanates
Ortegol® CC 2 Cell coarsening agent
Ortegol® CLA Cuttability agent
Ortegol® COM Emulsifier for preblends
Ortegol® HPH 1 Wetting agent
Ortegol® HPH 2 Wetting agent
Ortegol® IR 2 Internal release agent
Ortegol® LA Aldehyde scavenger
Ortegol® LA 2 Aldehyde scavenger
Ortegol® NOP Emulsifier for natural oil based polyols
Ortegol® P 1 Frothening agent for PU dispersions
Ortegol® P 2 Frothening agent for PU dispersions
Ortegol® VCO Silicone cell opener





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