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Introducing BR® Aerospace Standard Bonding Primers – the ultimate solution for your aerospace bonding needs. These high-performance primers are specially designed to enhance adhesion, inhibit degradation, and provide maximum durability in extreme-demand environments.

With BR® bonding primers, you can expect exceptional environmental resistance and bond line durability. Our primers have been extensively tested and proven to provide long-term durability for aerospace applications. They are also highly effective as protective coatings outside bonded areas.

Manufactured to answer Aerospace specific needs, BR® bonding primers provide processing flexibility and easier manufacturing processes. Our products feature excellent film formation, a range of curing windows and out times, and integrate well with a wide variety of adhesive systems.

When it comes to hydrolytic stability and oxidation resistance, BR® primers outperform the competition. Our primers improve hydrolytic stability at the adhesive-to-metal interface and protect prepared surfaces from further oxidation, moisture, and oxygen.

At BR®, we are committed to sustainability. That's why our portfolio includes a family of water-based primers that perform comparable to solvent-based systems while containing fewer or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) for safer application.

Choose BR® Aerospace Standard Bonding Primers and experience the industry standard for bonding primers. Our products deliver exceptional performance, durability, and sustainability – making them the perfect choice for your aerospace bonding needs

Product Details VOC Service Temp. / °C Solids / % Shelf Life Outtime @ RT Cure Temp. / °C
BR127 Chromated, industry standard, solvent-based, Yellow YES ~792 g/l 150 10 12 Month @ -18°C 10 days 80 - 120
BR127NC Non-Chromated, solvent based, Yellow YES ~792 g/l 150 10 - 12 12 Month @ -18°C 10 days 80 - 120
BR6747-1 Chromated, well qualified, water based, Yellow NO 180 20-30 12 Month @ -4 °C 60 days 120 - 180
BR6747-1 NC Non-Chromated, Zero VOC, water based, Yellow NO 180 20 12 Month @ -4 °C 60 days 120 - 180
BR6747-1 XNC Non-Chromated, film forming version, yellow Low VOC ~12 g/l 180 20 12 Month @ -4 °C 60 days 120 - 180
BR252 Film forming, Non-chromated Low VOC 150 18 12 Month @ -4 °C 60 days 120 - 180
BR® 623P4 low viscosity, edge filling of honeycomb structures NO 110 - 12 Month @ 18°C 30 120 - 180
BR 6750 Chromated, qualified, Zero VOC, Yellow NO 180 20 12 Month @ -4 °C 30 days 120 - 180


BR® bonding primers

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