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Extracts are obtained from natural sources by means of extraction processes and have an increased concentration of a desired substance. The concentration is given as a percentage for standardised extracts, by means of which the standard is guaranteed from batch to batch. They are usually used in the food supplement industry and in pharmaceuticals.

Extract Property/Function Area of application
Valerian Positive effect on sleep disturbances, reduces stress and muscle cramps Natural food supplement
Blueberry Antioxidant effect, strengthens the immune system, pain-relieving and antibacterial effect Natural food supplement
Garcinia cambogia Helps with weight control (suppresses appetite) Food supplement
Ginkgo biloba Improves brain function in terms of memory and focus Food, cosmetic and medical applications
Ginseng Improved brain function, stress reduction, mood improvement, strengthens the immune system Natural food supplement, Forms neurotransmitters and nucleic acid
Pomegranate Supportive effect in cases of cardiovascular problems, can strengthen the immune system and promotes clotting Cosmetics industry, Natural food supplement
Green tea Positive effect on the metabolism, can positively impact weight loss, has a preventative effect against vascular diseases, diabetes and cancer Natural food supplement, Some medical applications
Hops Positive impact on sleep disturbances and anxiety, stimulates digestion Tea preparation, Food supplement
Lavender Soothing effect on sleep disturbances, indigestion and anxiety Tea preparation, Natural medicine, Cosmetics industry
Melissa Antispasmodic and relaxing, soothes intestinal problems, symptoms of tension and herpes Tea preparation, Natural food supplement
Devil's Claw Natural anti-inflammatory effect, mostly used for digestive and joint problems Natural food supplement
Incense Anti-inflammatory effect on gout, rheumatism or arthritis Natural food supplement, Some medical applications

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