Multiaxial Fabrics

SAERflow®, SAERcore®, SAERTEX Leo®

Product description

Multiaxial fabrics (NCF, non-crimp fabrics) are available in various fibre types such as glass, carbon, aramid and hybrid fabric, as well as a combination of fibre types. A fabric consists of several layers of a fibre type. Within one layer, the fibres are aligned identically. The layers can be oriented either parallel (0 ° or 90 °) or even in different angle combinations (0 °, ± 45 °, 90 °). Multiaxial fabrics are available in various angle combinations and numerous surface weights.

Multiaxial fabrics from SAERTEX are optimised for all current types of resins (epoxy, unsaturated polyester, vinylester or polyurethane resins) and application types (vacuum fusion, RTM, pultrusion, prepreg, etc.) and have a maximum width of 3810 mm.

Through an individual orientation of the layers, a maximum load bearing capacity is achieved so that they are particularly suitable for the construction of long rotor blades for wind power plants. The use of multiaxial layers in composite materials makes it possible to achieve highly stable yet lightweight components. Thus, for example, in the aerospace and automotive industry, energy consumption can be minimised by lightweight construction and raw material costs can be reduced by dispensing with expensive metals. The SAERTEX LEO® system also fulfils the highest fire protection requirements for the railway and shipbuilding industry.

Product Properties Application
SAERflow® No peel-ply necessary, very good drapability, resin flow is up to twice as fast as comparable material (ideal for vacuum infusion) SAERflow® is used as an internal flow medium, which saves a tremendous amount of time
SAERcore® One or two layers of chopped strand mat (CSM) and a core of PP (resin flow zone), very good drapability. High-flow version with 25% faster flow rate. Flexible range of applications and individually adaptable Application in large parts, optimised for closed injection processes (RTM, infusion)
SAERTEX LEO® Highest standards in fire protection, free of halogens, EN 4554-2 proven, high mechanical resistance Application in marine and railway, construction and offshore industry




SAERflow®, SAERcore®, SAERTEX Leo®

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