RCP - Random Copolymer Polypropylene

Product description

INEOS produces various Polypropylene Random Copolymer grades with the Innovene™ P gas phase production process. This process combines industry-leading catalysts that enable INEOS to create innovative PP products. As a result, INEOS offers grades with an industry-leading balance between fluidity, rigidity and optical properties.

The grade range of Random Copolymers from INEOS is made for injection moulding, extrusion and blow moulding with a MFI range from 1.5 up to 80 (g/10 min. at 2.16kg). The portfolio consists of clarified random copolymer grades with ethylene content that are nucleated and antistatic.

Typical applications include

- Appliances

- Candy boxes

- Caps and Closures

- Clarified food containers

- Cosmetic bottles

- Housewares

- Injection stretch blow moulding

- Lids and pails

- Monolayer and multilayer bottles

- Profiles

- Rigid packaging

- Transparent thin wall injection moulding

Benefits & Features

- Antistatic

- Cycle time reduction

- Gloss

- Good transparency

- High demoulding temperature

- High heat distortion temperature

- High optical properties, at low temperature processing

- High speed filling lines

- Improved impact and stiffness

- Nucleated

- Organoleptic

Country availability

Austria Belgium
Croatia Cyprus
Czech Republic France
Germany Greece
Hungary Italy
Luxembourg Macedonia
Netherlands Poland
Portugal Slovakia
Slovenia Spain
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