ICP - Polypropylene Impact Copolymer

Product description

INEOS produces highly versatile Polypropylene Impact Copolymer grades for extrusion, thermoforming, injection and blow molding applications. The grade portfolio covers a melt flow (MFI) range from fractional melts to 100 (g/10 min. at 2.16kg). The proprietary Innovene™ P gas phase production process combined with state-of-the-art catalysts allows for the creation of an innovative PP portfolio. As a result, INEOS offers grades with an industry-leading balance between fluidity, rigidity and impact resistance. New nucleating technology leads to higher isotropy and subsequently lower warpage of the final objects.

The ICP portfolio contains well-known brand names such as Eltex® P, Rigidex® P, and Eltex® TUB. INEOS also offers well established standardized Impact Copolymers

Grades formulations can contain additives, antistatic agents, and nucleating agents.

Typical applications include

- Appliances

- Artificial grass

- Car batteries

- Compounds 

- Consumer products 

- Containers, crates and boxes 

- Corrugated pipoes and fittings

- Corrugated sheet

- Extrusion blow moulding

- Food packaging 

- Housewares 

- Ice Cream containers

- Large pails and containers

- Luggage 

- Pipes and fittings 

- Returnable Transport Packaging

- Rigid packaging 

- Sheet extrusion

- Stadium Seating

- Technical mouldings

- Thin walled injection moulding 

- Toys 

- Yellow fat containers

Benefits & Features

- Antistatic

- Controlled rheology

- Enhanced cycle time

- Excellent dimentional stability

- Fast cooling times

- Food approval

- Good flowablity

- Good processability

- High impact resistance

- Impact / stiffness balance

- Low gel content

- Low warpage

- Phthalate free

- Superior surface quality

- Thermal stability

- Very short cycle time

Country availability

Austria Belgium
Croatia Cyprus
Czech Republic France
Germany Greece
Hungary Italy
Luxembourg Macedonia
Netherlands Poland
Portugal Slovakia
Slovenia Spain
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