GCI S series, GCO sandable series, SAN series and more...

Product description

Gelcoats from our supplier, Polyprocess, are available as orthophthalic, isophthalic, ISO-NPG and vinylester-gelcoats and as gelcoats for special applications. They are available in a wide range of colour and reactivity, which could be adjusted on request. Gelcoats are crucial for the final properties of the fibre reinforced plastic: Even a gelcoat layer thinner than 1 mm ensures optimum protection against UV light or osmosis.

Orthophthalic gelcoats

Orthophthalic gelcoats are made for industrial applications. They are often used for components that are not exposed to extreme conditions (UV light, hydrolysis resistance and more). These standard gelcoats have good de-airing properties, have a good mechanical resistance and they are easy to apply. They could often be used as topcoats in places not exposed to sunlight, the internal components of boats, containers, etc.

Isophthalic gelcoats

Compared to orthophthalic gelcoats, isophthalic gelcoats are much more resistant to UV and hydrolysis, and they have a low styrene emission. Isophthalic gelcoats are available as food contact material according to the European regulation N°10/2011. Isophthalic gelcoats are often used for the production of industrial components (housing, silos, containers, etc.), vehicle parts, and tanks. Very often, they are used for the production of composite parts for sports and recreation (e.g. swimming pools, water slides) and in the yachting industry.

ISO-NPG gelcoats

Basic applications of ISO-NPG gelcoats include the production of sanitary elements (e.g. sinks), swimming pools, boats and yachts. This group of products also includes a subgroup of acrylic modified gelcoats, designed for improving resistance to harsh conditions. These gelcoats have the greatest UV resistance and a glossier surface than isophthalic and orthophthalic gelcoats. These products also have a reduced styrene content, which gives the product a more pleasant odour and reduces shrinkage and yellowing.

Vinylester gelcoats

Vinylester (VE) gelcoats are most resistant to corrosion than orthophthalic or isophthalic gelcoats and, as they are based on vinylester resin, they also have very good strength parameters. Besides being used for composite parts, most companies use this high-performance gelcoat in the production of moulds. Tooling VE gelcoats provides a good abrasion resistance, excellent hardness, resistance and minimal distortion, which are the critical parameters of the mould.

Product Chemical base Application
GCI S series Isophthalic Multi-purpose, UV and hydrolysis resistant
GCI LV4 series Isophthalic Low styrene, high UV resistance, hydrolysis resistant
GCO series Orthophthalic For industrial applications without special resistance
GCO sandable series Orthophthalic Sandable for painted parts
SAN series ISO-NPG For sanitary applications
XPI series ISO-NPG For swimming pool applications
XMA series ISO-NPG For shipbuilding an other applications requiring high UV and hydrolysis resistance
GCIG FR series ISO-NPG Filled, fire resistant
GCIG IFR series ISO-NPG Intumescent, fire resistant
GCIG LV3 series ISO-NPG Low styrene Content, high UV and hydrolysis resistance
GCVN series Vinylester Flexible tooling gelcoat with high HDT
GCVNE series Vinylester For chemical applications and epoxy adherence
GCIM W series Semi Iso For industrial applications - good UV resistance




GCI S series, GCO sandable series, SAN series and more...

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