Ethylene-methyl acrylate and ethylene-butyl acrylate copolymers


Product description

EMAC® and EBAC® are ethylene-methyl acrylate and ethylene-butyl acrylate copolymers and offer particular advantages for applications in which good elastic properties and high flexibility are required despite low temperatures.

The products are compatible with a large number of other polymers and help improve the adhesion, toughness, impact resistance, filler acceptance and processability of technical polymers such as polystyrene and polyesters. EMAC® and EBAC® are used in film and polymer modification applications of all kinds and are used, for example, for the production of flexible packaging. Thanks to their excellent processing properties, the products are used in a variety of extrusion, injection molding, cast and blown film processes and can be processed at high temperatures without additives.

Both products are also available as Plus grades (EMAC+® and EBAC+®) in the form of blocked acrylate copolymers, which offer improved performance for high-temperature end-use applications as well as better adhesion to various substrates.

Typical applications for von EMAC®/ EMAC+® und EBAC ®/ EBAC+® include:

• Hot-Melt Seals

• Impact modification of technical polymers (PVC, PET, ABS)

• Compartibilizer in 2K injection moulding

• Multi-layer films

Advantages when using von EMAC®/ EMAC+® und EBAC ®/ EBAC+®:

• Flexibility /Softness also for low temperatures

• Compatibility with Polyolefines and technical Polymers like ABS, PET and PVC

• High restoring force in stretch-hood films


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