Dispersions for Lubrication

Product description

Molykote® Dispersions are preferred when it is necessary to apply solid lubricants in liquid form. MOLYKOTE® Dispersions are finely divided solid lubricants suspended in lubricating fluids.


• Dry-film lubrication of sliding contacts

• Lubricating extreme-temperature chains, conveyors and bearings

• Cutting and sewing operations

• Release from a variety of surfaces


• Faster production

• Reduced friction and sticking

• Extreme resistance to corrosive or salty environments

• Stability over a wide temperature range

• Suitable for automatic dispensing systems

• Food contact/release

• Metal protection

Product Temperature Range / °C Application
MOLYKOTE® A -25 to +150 High speeds / good penetration
MOLYKOTE® MKL-N Grease -25 to +160 Lubrication / corrosion protection
MOLYKOTE® HTF Solid Lubricant Dispersion -20 to +1150 Lubrication / high temperatures / high loads
MOLYKOTE® M-30 Dispersion Up to +200 High-temperature chains / MoS2 content
MOLYKOTE® M-55 Plus Dispersion Depends on oil to which it is added Extreme loads / high MoS2 content
MOLYKOTE® Multigliss Spray -50 to +50 Lubrication / corrosion protection
MOLYKOTE® Omnigliss Spray -30 to +80 Lubrication / corrosion protection, low to medium fast movement



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Montenegro Norway
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