CBC - Cyclic Block Copolymer


Product description

ViviOn™ is a cyclic block copolymer (CBC), which are fully hydrogenated polymers based on styrene and conjugated dienes via anionic polymerization.

This advanced material has remarkable thermal stability, excellent UV durability, extra-high transparency, low water absorption, low density and superb purity.

These features offer the users of ViviOn™ with superior design flexibility, easy processing capability and low life-cycle costs.


– Extra-High Transparency

– High UV Transmittance & Durability

– Superb Purity, Low Outgassing, Low Extractables

– Low Density

– Superb Chemical Resistance

– Enhanced Thermo-oxidation Stability

– Gamma Sterilization Applicable

– Low Auto-fluorescence

– Low Moisture Uptake

– Exceptional Processability

CBC (Property/Grade) ViviOn™ CBC 0510HF ViviOn™ CBC 1325
Description CBC high flow, easy processing CBC medium flow multi-purpose
MFR (260°C/2,16kg) (ASTM D1238) g/13 min 13 g/10 min
Density (ASTM D792) 0,94 g/cm³ 0,94 g/cm³
Light Transmission (380-760nm, ASTM D1003) 92% 92%
Haze (ASTM D1003) <0,5% <0,5%
Flexural Modulus (ASTM D790) 1,8 GPa 2,3 GPa
Vicat Softening Temp. (1kg, 50°C/hr, ASTM D1525) 114°C 128°C


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