BiesterSOL Foliar

Product description

The water soluble fertilizer for foliar spraying

As a high quality water soluble NPK fertilizer, BiesterSOL foliar is made of

only the best raw materials of European origin. It is composed with phosphor

(P) derived from mono-ammonical and mono-potassium phosphates

as well as potassium derived from nitrate. Each composition is enriched

with a tailor made chelated trace element mix containing boron, iron,

copper and zinc to improve the physical-chemical characteristics. The

chelated trace elements present ensure complete prevention of the most

common diseases caused by micro nutrient deficiencies or imbalances.


foliar is extremely pure and does not contain any harmful

substances like chlorine or sodium.

Foliar application for a fast and efficient plant Nutrition

BiesterSOL foliar is 100 % water soluble and can be used for all types

of foliar spraying. This fertilization method is an extremely effective and

highly convenient application method as it ensures an immediate absorption

by the foliage and thus a rapid penetration of the entire plant system.

BiesterSOL foliar is offered in a wide range of compositions which

provide the correct dosage for each plant development stage from planting

until harvesting. It improves the number the fruits in the initial stage

and later ensures the high quality of the fruits. Tailor made compositions

are available on request. BiesterSOL foliar can be applied in all climatic

conditions and agricultural cycles, in combination with all common plant

protection agents and for different types of plants – from horticulture and

fruit farming to floriculture and plant nurseries.

Easy handling and application

Thanks to the use of a unique drying facility during the production process,

BiesterSOL contains almost no humidity. This assures that the

product does not cake, has an extended shelf life and is always free-flowing.

These characteristics increase the solubility and facilitate the dosing.


is packaged in high-quality aluminium bags with a special


The application of BiesterSOL is easy and time saving. The high product

quality reduces the risk of leaching as well as of any water eutrophication.

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