Aryl- & Acyl Halides

Product description

Aryl and acyl halides are important building blocks in organic synthesis. Their reactivity allows the controlled functionalisation of organic molecules, offering a wide range of applications in the chemical industry and in scientific research. They are used as intermediates in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and polymers.

Biesterfeld offers a wide range of such chemicals as shown below. If you have not found what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us.

2,4-Dichlorobenzyl chloride 94-99-5 202-381-0 TII
3-Bromoanisole 2398-37-0 219-264-5 TII
3'-Chloropropiophenone 34841-35-5 252-242-3 TII
4-Bromoanisole 104-92-7 203-252-1 TII
4-Bromobiphenyl 92-66-0 202-176-6
4-Chlorobenzhydryl chloride 134-83-8 205-158-6 TII
Isophthaloyl dichloride 99-63-8 202-774-7
Phenylacetyl chloride 103-80-0 203-146-5
Phthaloyl dichloride 88-95-9 201-869-0

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