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Product description

Looking for aerospace-grade adhesive products with exceptional heat and fire protection? Look no further than DAPCO™ from our supplier Solvay! Our portfolio includes silicone sealants, epoxy potting compounds, and epoxy paste adhesives that have proven performance in the industry.

Our DAPCO™ firewall sealants provide exceptional heat and fire protection for nacelle, pylon, and strut applications, making them ideal for aviation and aerospace industries. Our epoxy products are commonly used for honeycomb core stiffening, edge filling, and insert potting.

DAPCO™ offers rapid-cure and room temperature-cure formulations that increase manufacturing throughput and allow use in field repair applications. Our products are formulated to adhere to a variety of substrates, enabling the use of one product across multiple applications.

We also supply products with shop-friendly features, including room temperature storage, easy application, easy machining, and availability in a variety of kit sizes and packaging.

Product Description Lap Shear Strength / MPa
DAPCO™ 1-100 Primer, Visible color change to indicate full cure -
DAPCO™ 1-200 Primer
DAPCO™ 1-400 Primer
DAPCO™ 18-4F Environmentally friendly formulation, free of heavy metals and solvents, Qualified to Boeing BMS 5-63 & Pratt & Whitney PWA36751 spec 2.4@204°C
DAPCO™ 72 Rapid cure windshield sealant 2.2
DAPCO™ 2100 Excellent fire resistance, Qualified to BMS 5-63, AMS3374, BAMS 552-004, and CMNP009 2.4@204°C
DAPCO™ 2200 Excellent fire resistance, Qualified to BMS 5-63, BAMS 552-004 and AMS3374 2.3@204 °C
DAPCO™ 3301 Two-component, low viscosity silicone adhesive 2.1
DAPCO™ 3302 Two-component, low viscosity silicone adhesive 2.1



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