ABS High Heat - Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Heat Stabilized

Product description

High heat ABS provides very good temperature stability and is used especially in the automotive industry. HH-ABS is available as high-gloss material but also in low gloss. It can be used for painted parts in exterior applications but also as a low emission version for interior parts. The material can be provided in OEM Colors as well as UV-stabilized.

Typical applications

• Painted automotive exterior parts such as front grilles, rear-view mirrors

• Interior parts with low emission requirements, e.g. door trims, consoles, glove boxes

• Rear light bezel

• Seat parts, arm rest, safety belt buckle

Benefits and features

• High gloss and matte surfaces

• Good impact strength

• Good temperature stability

• Low emission grades according to OEM specifications



Country availability

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Faroes Finland
France Germany
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