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Welcome to Biesterfeld International. We are a global supplier of industrial chemicals, pharmaceutical raw materials and active ingredients as well as specialities, such as agricultural chemicals, salt and food supplements.

Some 100 employees are dedicated to our central objective of building up long-term partnerships with customers and suppliers. To this end, we not only build on the expertise provided by qualified staff but also on mutual cooperation characterised by our high standards and commercial values. A central quality management system guarantees that our partners always receive first-class products and services. 

Our customers benefit from our services relating to advice on applications, product development, logistics, warehousing and financing. Thanks to our subsidiaries worldwide, we are always in close proximity to our customers and suppliers and are able to react quickly and reliably to individual requirements.

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Our pharmaceuticals division supplies products for veterinary- and human medicine. We have positioned ourselves as the leading distributor in Europe and overseas in the field of standard antibiotics and excipients for the production of medications. We give our customers recommendations and provide them with support for the registration of new materials. Our import and quality departments ensure smooth importation and warehousing of the products and make all necessary documentation available to our customers.

Food & Nutrition

We supply a wide product portfolio of amino acids, vitamins and extracts as well as other raw materials to the food supplement and food industry. Our products can be used in the dietary supplement industry in the field of sports as well as in the beverage and preservative industries. Our range also includes ingredients for functional food and convenience products as well as for dairy products, baked goods, confectionery and the meat industry.


Ever since Biesterfeld was founded in 1906, salt has played a central role in the development of the business. As a partner of a key European salt producer, we now supply customers in a wide range of industries the world over – quickly and reliably. Our product catalogue, procured exclusively from Nouryon Holding B.V., includes the entire product range and covers various fields of application: Table salt, salt for water treatment, pharmaceutical salt and animal feed. The trademarks Salina®, Nezo®, Jozo®, Suprasel®, Sanal®, KNZ® lickstones and Broxo® meet stringent European quality standards.


The international trade and distribution of organic and inorganic industrial chemicals and specialties is one of Biesterfeld International’s core business divisions. Our range is characterised by a continuously expanded and revised portfolio of products from well-known suppliers that focuses primarily on bulk business in the field of commodities. Customers and suppliers benefit from our global activities and the resulting experience gained in international trading.

Plant Protection & Plant Nutrition

Only a healthy plant that receives all the right nutrients can be expected to produce a good harvest, lush growth or beautiful blooms. Our product range includes fertilisers and individual formulations tailored to specific plant requirements.

Known under the brand names BiesterSOL, BiesterCOMP, BiesterFERT and Mairol, our products provide everything a plant needs to grow and be healthy.

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