ICP - Nucleated High-Impact Polypropylene Copolymer


Rigidex® P grades are nucleated and antistatic high-flow, high-impact copolymers specifically designed for very fast cycling, thin-walled injection moulding applications. The Rigidex® P series of polypropylene resins are manufactured using the latest catalyst/process developments in Innovene P gas phase technology. As a result, they offer an industry-leading balance between fluidity, rigidity and impact resistance. New nucleating technology leads to higher isotropy and subsequently lower warpage of the final objects.


• Very thin-walled technical mouldings

• Yellow fat containers

• Housewares

Benefits and features

• Very good impact, even below 0ºC

• Low warpage

• Very high flowability

• Very short cycle time


Rigidex® P - ICP