Vacuum bag sealant tapes

Airseal, AT, GS

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Vacuum sealing tapes from Airtech have two functions in vacuum technology: they act as an adhesive between the mould and the vacuum foil and as a sealant between the layers. Sealing tapes are available in various designs according to the application process and the temperature. They have different degrees of tackiness, so they have good adhesion between two bags in both cold and high temperatures, and can be easily removed again.

Airseal seriesVacuum bag sealant tape with excellent adhesion up to 180 °C
AT seriesMulti-purpose sealing tape for temperatures up to 204 °C for application on metallic tools
GS seriesMulti-purpose sealing tape for temperatures up to 232 °C with various degrees of tackiness




Airseal, AT, GS

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