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Songsorb®, SaboStab®

Product description

UV absorbers from SONGWON and Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers (HALS) from SABO act against the light induced degradation of organic materials like plastics, coatings and paints.

Typical aging occurences of end products or coated components, such as discolouration, mechanical failure or undesirable changes of physical properties are prevented or at least delayed. Therewith functionality and initial appearance is kept for a long service life.

Under the trade names Songsorb® and SaboStab® a broad range and various chemical classes of light stabilisers are available. Those are low and high molecular HALS, benztriazoles, benzophenones, hydroxyphenyl triazines, oxanilides and benzoates in solid or liquid form.

Product line Application Description
Songsorb® Plastics UV-A and UV-B absorbers (benztriazole, benzophenone, triazin, oxanilide and benzoate based)
Songsorb® CS Paints & Coatings Low and high molecular HALS as well as UV-A and UV-B absorbers (benztriazole, oxanilide, benzophenone and triazine based)
SaboStab® Plastics Low and high molecular HALS (solids and liquids)




Songsorb®, SaboStab®

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