Epoxy Specialty Resins & Diluents

Ancarez®, Epires®, Epodil®

Product description

Our supplier EVONIK offers a range of specialty resins and reactive diluents for epoxy systems under the brand names Ancarez®, Epires® and Epodil®.

Available are liquid and solid epoxy resins based on bisphenol, acrylate-functional urethane resins and hydrocarbon resins. The portfolio is completed by reactive diluents based on mono- and diglycidyl ethers.

They are used in one- or two-component epoxy systems such as industrial coatings, adhesives, floorings or composites.

Product Description
Ancarez® AR555 Zero-VOC, low-viscosity, solid epoxy resin dispersion (55% solids in water)
Ancarez® RZ4305 Low viscosity mono functional diluted Bis A/F diglycidyl ether resin
Ancarez® 2364 Moderate viscosity acrylate-functional urethane resin, used as flexibiliser
Epires® ER8 Modified Bis A/F liquid epoxy resin
Epodil® 748 / Epodil® 750 Reactive diluents based on mono- and diglycidyl ethers
Epodil® LV5 Chemically inert, low viscosity liquid hydrocarbon resin




Ancarez®, Epires®, Epodil®

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