Fatty Amide

AMIDET®, Palmocol®, Palmowax®

Product description

Fatty Amides are nonionic surfactants. They are suitable for applications in detergents and personal care products due to their foam-boosting and thickening properties. The product range is anticorrosive and anti-static.

Palmowax® products are Bisamides, which are applied in the plastic, metal and road construction industry. Different possible application fields are the rubber industry as well as the production of cellotape or synthetic fibres and wires.

TradenameChemical DescriptionCASRemarks
AMIDET® B-112Cocamide DEA68603-42-9Liquid, active ~ 100%
AMIDET® A-111-PCocamide MEA68140-00-1Solid, active ~ 100%
AMIDET® A-15Trideceth-2 Carboxamide MEA107628-04-6Liquid, active ~ 97%
AMIDET® NRapeseedamide PEG-485536-23-8Liquid, active ~ 95%
AMIDET® A/17PEG-5 Cocamide107628-04-6Liquid, active ~ 100%
AMIDET® A/18Cocamide PEG-661791-08-0Liquid, active ~ 100%
Palmocol® PDA 1100Diethanolamides111-42-2Total Amide min. 90%
Palmocol® PDA 1107Diethanolamides111-42-2Total Amide min. 85%
Palmocol® PDA 1300Diethanolamides111-42-2Total Amide min. 80%
Palmocol® PDA 1320Diethanolamides111-42-2Total Amide min. 55%
Palmocol® PMA 1100Monoethanolamides141-43-5Total Amide min. 90%
Palmocol® PMA 1300Monoethanolamides141-43-5Total Amide min. 80%
Palmowax® BeadEthylene Bis-Stearamide110-30-5Bead
Palmowax® SPEthylene Bis-Stearamide110-30-5Powder
Palmowax® SFEthylene Bis-Stearamide110-30-5Fine Powder
Palmowax® AtomizedEthylene Bis-Stearamide110-30-5Atomized Poweder
Palmowax® SREthylene Bis-Stearamide110-30-5Powder


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AMIDET®, Palmocol®, Palmowax®

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Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Ukraine

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