SBC - Styrene Butadiene Copolymer

Denka NSBC®

Product description

Styrene-Butadiene block Copolymers (SBC) are copolymers of Styrene and Butadiene.

Denka NSBC provides excellent clarity, good impact strength and easy processing.

Denka NSBC can be blended easily with GPPS to improve its impact resistance, while achieving high transparency.

Denka NSBC can be used for various processing, e.g. thermoforming, vacuum forming, injection molding, and extrusion applications.


• Food packaging

• General packaging

• Caps and lids

• Displays

• Medical labware and utensils

• Blending with GPPS

• Consumer goods

Benefits and features

• GPPS impact strength modifier

• Excellent transparency

• Very good flow characteristics

• Low density

• Ease of processing

• Cold temperature resistance

• Surface gloss

• Approvals for Medical (NSBC211 only) and Food applications

(USP Class VI 87>; 88>, ISO 10993 Part 4, 10, 11, EU 10/2011, FDA 21CFR 177.1640)




Denka NSBC®

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