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KNZ® stands for Royal Dutch Salt and is a part of Nouryon. KNZ® salt licks contain no artificial colouring, flavours or taste enhancers and provide essential minerals to animals.

The KNZ® Universal is the ideal supplement to daily fed and grazing animals. During the pasturing season, your cattle can endure a shortage on minerals and trace elements because the ration consists for a large part of grass. Grass can be deficient in several minerals and trace elements. Aside from pure salt it contains essential trace elements such as magnesium, selenium, iodine, zinc and copper.

Just as the KNZ® Universal the KNZ® Universal Multi fits ideal to daily fed and grazing cattle. KNZ® Universal Multi contains the same essential trace elements as KNZ® Universal, with the exception of copper. As no copper is added, the lick is also suitable for sheep. Additional iron is added for animals who suffer from anaemia, have a low intake of iron from basic forage or need more iron due to their workload.

The KNZ® Fertility is the perfect supplement when the fertility of your cattle is important. This lick has been specifically developed to Support fertility in dairy cows and bulls. It contains a higher level of selenium, iodine and vitamin E plus selenium yeast.

For a pure salt lick without trace minerals and vitamins, choose the KNZ® Basic. It is made from 99.7% pure salt, so suitable for all animals.

Biesterfeld is the appointed official distributor for KNZ® in various regions around the globe. Please contact us and we will gladly send you additional information.


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