PP Honeycombs

Product description

Polypropylene (PP) honeycomb from our supplier Thermhex is a strong but lightweight material that provides efficient and optimum mechanical performance in sandwich panel structures. The standard density is 80 kg/m³.  Core thickness ranges from 3 to 30 mm with cell sizes varying from 3 to 9.6 mm. Mechanical strength, resistance to chemicals and water allows to use honeycomb in many composite markets and product applications, e.g.: transportation and automotive, yachting and ship building, building and construction, industrial equipment, wind and solar energy and many more.

Name Properties
THPP60-FN Core height: 5-28 mm Cell width: 4-9.6 mm Density: 60-70 kg/m³ Temperature: -30 – 80 °C (peak: +140 °C)
THPP80-FN Core height: 3,5-28 mm Cell width: 3-9,6 mm Density: 80-90 kg/m³ Temperature: -30- 80 °C (peak: +140 °C)


ThermHex Polypropylene (PP) Honeycomb

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