POM - Acetal Homopolymer

Product description

Delrin® is the trade name of the DuPont™ polyacetal. It is a homopolymer and, as an engineering thermoplastic with a high degree of crystallinity, is ideal for extremely mechanically demanding applications. Delrin® is available with a wide range of properties, coming in low-viscosity, high-viscosity, impact-modified and low-emission types, among others. Specifically, Delrin® types demonstrate good toughness at low temperatures, high mechanical strength and rigidity, outstanding resistance to fatigue, high long-term impact strength and dimensional stability, good electrical insulating properties and excellent resistance to moisture, fuels, solvents and many other neutral chemicals. This product can be used in the automotive, household appliance, construction, installation, electronics and consumer goods industries. Gears, drug dispensing systems, safety-relevant components, door systems and material handling equipment are just some of the typical applications. Delrin® offers higher strength, rigidity and creep resistance than polyacetal copolymers, as well as much better impact strength. Other terms for Delrin® are POM or polyoxymethylene.

Delrin® Renewable Attributed (RA) is the sustainable solution of Delrin® as it is produced from 100% bio-feedstock from waste according to ISCC Plus mass balance certification. With a world-class environmental impact profile and a low carbon footprint, Delrin® Renewable Attributed offers excellent durability and reliability for less waste in part replacement. It is produced with 100% certified renewable electricity, steam-sourced via municipal waste energy recovery, and offers the same quality, performance, processing, and sensory experience as Delrin®.



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