Modified starch

Product description

We offer innovative solutions, based on potato starch and protein from Avebe.

Tradename Description & Application E-Number/Producer
Perfectasol™ Perfectasol is a perfect replacement for gelatine in fruit gummies - both foaming and gelling - to produce great-tasting vegan confectionery Various/Avebe
Perfectamyl™ Convenience in instant noodles; Texture improvement for dried noodles & gelatine free confectionery Various/Avebe
Paselli™ BC Global standard instant starch for bakery cream E1414/Avebe
Farinex Range of cook-up starches for various applications Various/Avebe
Amylogum Cold soluble starch with good gelling properties E1420/Avebe
Prejel Range of instant starches for various applications with high process stability Various/Avebe
Perfectabind Cook-up starches with high water binding capacity – ideal for meat applications Avebe


Amlylogum, Farinex, Paselli, Perfectamyl, Perfectasol, Prejel, Selectamyl

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