Industrial Anti-Seize Pastes

Product description

Molykote® Pastes are grease-like materials containing a very high proportion of solid lubricants. Often used for assembly and lubrication of highly loaded, slow-moving parts or threaded fasteners.

Our paste range consists of a high concentration of solid lubricants dispersed in oil for convenient application. In cases where oil and grease are squeezed out of the lubricant contact, solid lubricants form a strong lubricating film, which prevents damage under extreme loads and at low speeds. The most common applications are initial assembly and running-in.

Product Temperature Range / °C Application
MOLYKOTE® TP-42 Paste -25 to +250 Prevention of fretting corrosion
MOLYKOTE® G-Rapid Plus Paste -35 to +450 Very low coefficient of friction
MOLYKOTE® G-n Plus Paste -25 to +450 Medium coefficient of friction
MOLYKOTE® D Paste -25 to +250 White product
MOLYKOTE® DX Paste -25 to +125 “Clean” lubrication / low to medium fast movements
MOLYKOTE® E Paste -50 to +150 Lubrication for metal/metal, metal/plastic, and plastic/plastic in electrochemical applications
MOLYKOTE® P-1900 FM Anti-Seize Paste -30 to +300 White/food grade
MOLYKOTE® 1000 Paste -30 to +650 General purpose
MOLYKOTE® P-37 Grease -40 to +1400 Non-corroding/extreme temperatures/sulphur- and metal-free
MOLYKOTE® P-40 Grease -40 to +230 Tacky paste / wide temperature
range / water-resistant
MOLYKOTE® P-74 Paste -40 to +1500 Very high temperature / compatible with a wide range of high-temperature steels
MOLYKOTE® Cu-7439 Plus Paste -30 to +300 Corrosive environment
MOLYKOTE® M-55 Paste Depends on oil to which it is added High loads
MOLYKOTE® M-77 Grease -45 to +230 Lubrication / low to medium fast movement / low to moderate loads
MOLYKOTE® TP-42 Paste -25 to +250 Prevention of fretting corrosion
MOLYKOTE® U-n Paste -40 to +450 Assembly, running-in and permanent dry lubrication



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