ICP - Impact Copolymer Polypropylene Pipe

Product description

INEOS produces various Polypropylene Impact Copolymer grades for thermoforming, extrusion, injection and blow molding applications. The Innovene™ P gas phase production process combined with industry-leading catalysts allows for the creation of innovative PP products. As a result, INEOS offers grades with an industry-leading balance between fluidity, rigidity and impact resistance.

Eltex® TUB PP Copolymers are specifically designed for extrusion and injection molding of heavy duty industrial pipe and fittings products. They offer a very high stiffness while keeping excellent impact strength and excellent processability. Products made with Eltex® TUB PP are known in the market to withstand and maintain quality and function in the harshest environments.

Typical applications include

- Blow moulding

- Fittings

- Manholes

- Non pressure pipes

- Sheet extrusion

Benefits & Features

- Excellent dimensional stability

- Excellent melt strength

- Excellent processability

- Fast cycle times

- Good rigidity

- Good stiffness

- Long term heat stability

- Low tenacity


Eltex® TUB

Country availability

Algeria Austria
Belgium Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bulgaria Croatia
Cyprus Czech Republic
Egypt France
Germany Greece
Hungary Italy
Libyen Luxembourg
Macedonia Mauritania
Morocco Netherlands
Poland Portugal
Romania Serbia
Slovakia Slovenia
Spain Switzerland