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AkzoNobel manufactures a wide range of edible salt and stands for highest quality in this area. From consumer salt in small packages to food processing salt in big bags - the options cover nearly any demand. Different iodine contents for each type of salt to cover any market's specific requirements are available as well.

Suprasel® is used in food processing and available with multiple options on grain size and packing.

Salina® and Sky® are brands covering consumer salt in smaller, transparent bags. The high quality of the salt is can immediately be seen.

Nezo® stands for consumer salt in high quality consumer packing, such as shakers.

Biesterfeld acts as the official distributor for AkzoNobel Salt Specialties in various regions around the globe. Please contact us if you would like to receive additional Information!


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Suprasel® Salina® Sky® Nezo®

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Retail Salt Overview
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