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Librateric® products are NaCl-free dipropionates. Thus they are suitable for applications where corrosion might be a potential problem. The product range is compatible with cationic, anionic and nonionic surfactants and remains stable at high temperatures as well as in acidic and alkaline conditions. Excellent hydrotropic properties complete the Librateric® profile.

Possible applications are: acidic and alkaline detergents, vehicle cleaners, textile auxiliaries, high pressure cleaners and hydrotropes.

Tradename Chemical Description Form Active %
Librateric® BA 40 2-ethylhexyl imino dipropionate disodium salt Liq 40
Librateric® BA 60 2-ethylhexyl imino dipropionate disodium salt Liq 60
Librateric® BA 70 2-ethylhexyl imino dipropionate dipotassium salt Liq 70
Librateric® AA 30 Coco imino dipropionate disodium salt Liq 30
Librateric® 110 Coco amphodipropionate disodium salt Liq 40
Librateric® CAT-50 Cocoamino dipropionate triethanol amine salt Liq 50


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