Auxiliary Materials

OF, Resintrak, Dahlpac, RIC, Airtac, Econotac

Product description

Auxiliaries are a complementary product group in vacuum technology and in the vacuum infusion method and include, for example, products for edge protection, shrink-wraps and leak detectors. The auxiliaries are used to facilitate operation so that spray adhesives prevent the slipping of fibre mats, resin channels allow uniform distribution of the resin in the event of very large-area laminates, and the venting process is reduced by means of aeration tapes. The auxiliaries used are optimally matched to the methods so that they leave no imprints on the component, for example.

Product Description
OF Silicone rubber or vinyl omega flow lines
Resintrak Resin flow line (knitted technical tape, polyester)
Dahlpac Vacuum breather pad for resin infusions
RIC (HT) Resin infusion connector (1/2, 5/8, ¾ inch), standard working temperature up to 80 °C, HT-nylon up to 180 °C
Airtac Spray contact adhesive for placement on vertical or difficult surface areas
Econotac Rubber-based spray adhesive




OF, Resintrak, Dahlpac, RIC, Airtac, Econotac

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