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Resinflow, Greenflow, Knitflow, FlowLease

Product description

Infusion process materials from Airtech include all kinds of products that facilitate the laying of reinforcements and improving the resin flow. This product group includes contact adhesives, adhesive tapes and resin distribution networks. Resin distribution networks are flow aids used between the separating film and the tear-off fabric, evenly distributing the resin used and considerably saving on working time.

Product Material Description
Resinflow Nylon, LDPE, HDPE Resin distribution medium (maximum use temperature 177 °C)
Greenflow Polypropylene, HDPE High performance, low profile resin distribution medium designed to efficiently distribute resin with little waste
Knitflow Polyester, HDPE Resin distribution medium (maximum use temperature 200 °C)
Flowlease Polyolefin/HDPE Combined product: resin distribution medium and perforated release film Wrightlon®




Resinflow, Greenflow, Knitflow, FlowLease

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