Calcium Nitrate

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Norwegian saltpeter (calcium nitrate) includes nitrate nitrogen and calcium in a form that is optimum for uptaking by plants. Among other useful lproperties available calcium improves durabitlity of cell wall. Using calcium fertilizers also notably improves appearance of agricultural products and allows extending their shelf life. Being alkaline physically (1 centner of the product equivalent to 0,2 centner of CaCO3), this product performs extremely well in acidic and alkali soils.

Applying this product improves crop yield by 10-15%, visibly improves consumer properties of vegetables and fruit, and stimulates growth of root system, particularly of its most active zone, i.e. root fibrilla. It facilitates formation of plant cell membranes, enhances cell walls, stimulates plant enzyme activities, metabolism and photosynthesis and accelerates transport of carbohydrate and nitrogen uptake in plants. Crops become more resistant to environmental stress factors and to fungus and bacterial diseases, caused by shortage of calcium, such as blossom end rot of tomato and peppers, internal brown spot in potatoes or apple brown spot. The product also improves storage properties of vegetables and fruit. BiesterFERT calcium nitrate produces quick effect even in unfavorable climatic conditions, such as low temperature, excessive moisture, drought or low pH. Availability of nitrate nitrogen facilitates absorption of calcium, magnesium and potassium ions and other cathions. This is a proper agricultural solution for problematic acidic soils.

In 2.0 – 3.0 % concentration calcium nitrate is applied as a foliar fertilizer, mostly to eliminate symptoms of calcium deficiency in plants. This fertilizer is most effective in regions with hot arid climate and high insolation.

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Calcium Nitrate
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