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High-quality ethylamines and ethanolamines from our partner Eastman Taminco are used in the paints and coatings industry and as intermediates in the pharmaceutical industry.

Tradename Chemistry CAS no. Applications
Amietol M11 Methylaminoethanol 109-83-1 Paints and coatings/coating resins, additive for optical brighteners
Amietol M12 Methyldiethanolamine 105-59-9 Paints and coatings, detergents, textile and paper industries
Amietol M21 Dimethylaminothanol 108-01-0 Paints and coatings, polyurethane, coating resins
Diethylaminoethanol Diethylaminoethanol 100-37-8 Chemical intermediate, water treatment
Diethylamin Diethylamin 109-89-7 Chemical intermediate
Triethylamin Triethylamin 121-44-8 Plant protection agents, medicinal products, paints



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