Aliphatic Carboxylic Acids

Product description

Carboxylic acids are used in or as intermediates for various application, such as synthetic lubricants, animal feed, paints, flavors & fragrances and others.

Biesterfeld offers a wide range of Carboxylic acids, with exemplary listing as below.

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Product CAS EC
Propionic acid 79-09-4 201-176-3
n-Butyric acid 107-92-6 203-532-3
Isobutyric acid 79-31-2 201-195-7
Valeric acid 109-52-4 203-677-2
Isovaleric acid 503-74-2 207-975-3
2-Methylbutyric acid 116-53-0 204-145-2
n-Heptanoic acid 111-14-8 203-838-7
2-Ethylhexanoic acid 149-57-5 205-743-6
Pelargonic acid 112-05-0 203-931-2
Isononanoic acid 3302-10-1 221-975-0


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