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Airflow, Econoflow, Vac Valve, Vac-Gauge, Vac-Reg

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Plug-in connections and valves from Airtech are used for vacuum infusion and vacuum technology. These products are required as an accessory for the ventilation of the laminates. In addition to vacuum regulators and manometers for setting the required pressure, it is also possible to use vacuum hoses that have been specially developed for use in autoclaves or even at very high temperatures. In addition, self-cutting valves, for example, facilitate the work in the vacuum-sealing process, since they can be used quickly and no prior processing of the vacuum film is required.

Airflow seriesAll-purpose vacuum hoses for composites, bonding and tool shops, up to temperatures around 482 °C. Also suitable in autoclaves
EconoflowVacuum hose suitable for applications outside of autoclaves up to temperatures around 135 °C
Vac Valve seriesVacuum hoses with various connections, self-tapping, temperatures up to 482 °C, two-part for use with reusable vacuum bags
Vac-RegVacuum regulator for production of components with honeycomb core
Vac-Gauge seriesVacuum manometers in various versions




Airflow, Econoflow, Vac Valve, Vac-Gauge, Vac-Reg

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