Balsa Wood

Product description

End grain balsa wood Cores offers a competitive advantage with outstanding strength-to-weight ratio for lightweight structures in Sandwich construction. In addition to excellent chemical resistance (including styrene) and exceptional bonding properties, End grain balsa wood cores also offer high shear and compressive strengths.

End grain balsa wood is a natural fire-retardant with remarkable thermal and noise reduction properties demonstrating extraordinary fatigue resistance. It is a completely organic, sustainable and renewable resource with the FSC seal. Our End grain balsa cores are approved by DNV GL and Lloyd's Register.

Our Balsa Wood Core can come with UV Coating systems applied to the wood surface sealing the pores reducing resin absorption by 25% to over 75%. End grain balsa cores can be used in the most common processes (hand lamination, prepreg up to 180 ° C, injection / infusion processes).

Typical applications can be found in the Marine, Transport, Wind Energy, Defense or in the Aviation industries for hulls, floors, rotor blades or in air cargo containers.

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