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Big Blue, Econolon, Wrightlon®

Product description

Bagging films from Airtech are used for the production of fibre composite materials in vacuum technologies, in particular the vacuum infusion process. They are suitable for the production of simple as well as complex shapes, and offer decisive advantages in processing. Its excellent mechanical and chemical resistance enables it to be used in demanding production processes necessary, for example, with phenolic resins.

The differently available elongation and temperature resistances permit the custom use of non-porous vacuum foils according to the material and application area. Through elongation at break up to 500%, it is possible to adapt the film to complex shapes. Multilayer vacuum foils increase safety in high-temperature applications.

Product Description
Big Blue Low temperature multilayer film made of polyolefin with particularly wide widths (up to 16 m)
Wrightlon® series Nylon vacuum foil for temperatures up to 232 °C
Econolon series Low temperature bagging film made of nylon
Stretchlon® Bagging film made of thermoplastic elastomer (TE) or nylon with the highest elongation (TE: up to 500%, nylon: up to 450%) suitable for complex structures to 204 °C
Ipplon® High temperature nylon bagging film for temperatures up to 246 °C for autoclaves (also suitable for phenolic resins)
Dahlar® Multi-layered bagging film in the combinations ETFE/nylon, PMP/nylon, polyolefin/nylon and pure polyolefin for direct contact with prepregs
Securlon® Nylon multi-layer bagging film minimises the risk of pinholes; for temperatures up to 218 °C




Big Blue, Econolon, Wrightlon®

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