Ready-to-use masks

Product description

Ready to use peel-off, exfoliation and rinse-off masks. They do not contain any preservatives or surfactants. The peel-off masks reduce natural skin water loss and concentrate within upper epidermis skin layer. Skin is immediately and deeply hydrated.

Trade nameINCI
Botanist Peel-Off Mask F963available on request
Certified Organic Base Peel-Off Mask F959available on request
Classic Peel-Off Mask F141available on request
Eternal Classic Peel-Off Mask F107available on request
Eye Contour Classic Peel-Off Mask F122available on request
Polar Translucent Peel-Off Mask F915available on request
Timeless Classic Peel-Off Mask F194available on request
Translucent Base Peel-Off Mask F885available on request
Urban D-Pollution Classic Peel-Off Mask F919available on request


NUWEN by Setalg

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Bosnia and HerzegovinaBulgaria
Czech RepublicGermany
United Arab Emirates 

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