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Polyurethane adhesives (PU adhesives) are available in different versions. These are, for example, dependent on flexibility, speed, curing mechanism, solvent, one-component (1C) or two-component (2C) adhesives, etc. In the market, solvent-free 1C PU adhesives are the most widely used. For 1C PU adhesives, the curing process is initiated by humidity, so they are used for gap filling and not for the bonding of large surfaces. They are easy to apply, are odourless and combine even irregular components.

2C PU adhesives are particularly suitable for the bonding of large surfaces and as joint fillers.

1C moisture cureFlexible, foaming, solventlessBonding of materials with different elongation, strips, inserts. Construction elements. Filter bonding.
2C RTVFlexible, cures in whole volume, fast, solventlessLarge-area bonding. Sandwich panel bonding. Transportation vehicle parts bonding
2C RTV ThixoRigid. Cures in whole volume. SolventlessGap filling. Bonding of irregular surfaces. Vertical joints.

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