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Acrystal casting and laminating compounds are water-based acrylic resins that are combined with various mineral fillers. Thanks to their good weather and UV resistance, they are particularly suitable for outdoor use. Since these acrylic resins are very low in odour, they are also preferably used in interior areas. Because of their very high proportion of mineral fillers, they are characterised by good fire resistance. Thanks to their high surface hardness, they are ideal for producing detailed shapes.

No special detergents are required, as the acrylic resin can be easily removed from all tools with water. The addition of various acrystal decor powders allows for the imitation of natural materials such as metals or even white marble.

Product Description
Acrystal Prima Water-based acrylic resin with mineral crystals (Basic Crystal) for the production of moulds for exterior and interior use.
Acrystal Optima Acrylic resin with mineral crystals (Basic Crystal) with high surface hardness for the production of detailed shapes like replicas or small models.
Acrystal Aqua A mortar-like moulding material with a white cement-based powder for forming moulds with a very high surface hardness. Acrystal Aqua is water-resistant after curing and is ideal for outdoor use.
Acrystal Decor Metal Powder of natural mineral crystals with metal particles. Along with Acrystal Prima, forms appear in metallic gloss.
Acrystal Decor Carrara Powder of natural mineral crystals with stone particles which, in combination with Acrystal Prima and Acrystal pigments, resemble a variety of natural materials (for example, white marble).





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