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Tubing used for applications such as producing and filling pharmaceutical products is a challenging niche market that is becoming more and more significant. Growth and product development in this sector are strongly dominated by trends like the use of single-use systems.

In response to these market developments, Biesterfeld has invited to the first ever tubing workshop held on the grounds of the Commerzbank Arena Frankfurt a.M. at the end of 2017. At a location overlooking the home pitch of football club Eintracht Frankfurt, specialists took part in the one-day seminar to make the most of the opportunity and learn more about new trends and products. In addition to Dr. Andreas Lekebusch, Business Manager Healthcare at Biesterfeld Spezialchemie, who analysed future trends in tubing, the event was also attended by experts from DOW. Biesterfeld had additionally invited speakers from Bosch and CerCell, along with Dr. Andreas Loth from Beuth University Berlin, to speak about their experiences with different products, application examples and the most recent developments in the field. In addition to offering a wide range of information, the workshop also provided the opportunity to exchange ideas and make new networking contacts.

Dr. Andreas Lekebusch and Jennifer Gemo, Product Segment Leader BioPharma Processing at DOW, presented on current trends, such as single-use systems. This trend centres around single-use products like tubing systems, which are becoming increasingly more relevant as a result of economic, environmental and quality-related issues. Dr. Andreas Lekebusch also focussed on examples from the market and delved into the benefits of tubing systems along with the challenges such systems face. Nina Held, Junior Product Manager Healthcare, followed up on this by demonstrating specific <link https: www.biesterfeld.com de produkt pharma-tubing external-link-new-window internal link in current>tubing systems in detail and illustrating how and where they are used.
The experts from DOW spelled out DOW's responsibilities in this context and provided information on tubing quality, including degrees of purity and conformity with relevant regulations. They also presented new purity test results and announced additional quality evaluation.
Finally, Dr. Andreas Loth, who works closely with Biesterfeld Spezialchemie, provided a detailed presentation to attendees on his innovative peristaltic micro pump that features extremely precise dosing and extraordinary efficiency. Of particular note was a presentation by Biesterfeld's long-term partner Bosch illustrating application examples and demonstrating why Dow CorningĀ® tubing is particularly well-suited for its peristaltic pumping and filling systems.

After the workshop, Dr. Andreas Lekebusch gave the following assessment: "The feedback on the seminar was overwhelmingly positive. Attendees were thrilled by the amount of information and know-how we were able to convey."

We invite any customers and interested parties who were unable to attend our seminar and who are interested in trends and products to get in touch with our team of experts by <link mail internal link in current>email or contact our colleague <link mail internal link in current>Nina Held directly.

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