The symbiosis of cosmetics and fitness: Biesterfeld introduces its innovative new formulations

"Athleisure" is the very latest trend in the cosmetics industry, and brings with it a demand for cosmetics products that can cope with the challenges of the fitness industry. Biesterfeld invited selected cosmetics customers to a specialist seminar in Barcelona where, with the help of Prod’Hyg and Sytheon, the attendees were given in-depth information about this trend and the products specially designed for it.

The seminar opened with a presentation by Elisabet Puchol, Sales Manager Personal Care, and Bartosz Piatkowski, Sales Director Europe – Personal Care & Cleaning, about the "athleisure" phenomenon and its effects on the cosmetics industry. This trend has its origins in a lifestyle in which playing sport, eating a balanced diet and looking healthy and fresh play an important role. For the cosmetics industry, this means: a huge increase in the demand for products that can cope with extreme conditions and still care for your body, during and after exercise. These products must have a light, easy-to-wear texture, be resistant to perspiration and give the skin the moisture it needs. For example, it is especially important that products that are applied before playing sport have high levels of UV protection and are formulated to conceal or prevent reddening of the skin. During exercise, it is extremely important for the products to continue to give a matt appearance, without smearing or running. After exercise, they should continue to have a cooling and anti-inflammatory effect.

The theoretical part of the seminar was followed by an interactive workshop in which groups of participants were given time to test individual formulations and discuss their effects. Biesterfeld presented their own, specially developed formulations for men and women, with the motto "Fit'n Fabulous". This range of five products includes a liquid dry shampoo, Dowsil™ EP-9801 Hydro Cosmetic Powder, which contains hydrophilic sebum and oil-absorbant silicone elastomer in powder form. Another vital ingredient is Esaflor EC 5, a cationic guar gum which helps moisturise and untangle hair without weighing it down. Biesterfeld has also developed a mattifying facial serum formulation to help care for your skin while you work out. In addition to the Dowsil™ EL-7040 hydro elastomer blend, this serum contains a hydrophilic silicone elastomer gel which reduces shine while giving your skin an even tone with a refreshing, powdery feel. A further ingredient is MIGLYOL®T-C7, a natural ECOCERT- and COSMOS-certified palm-oil-free oil which acts as a solubiliser for the UV-filters. It also gives the serum its light, skin-friendly texture and makes it easy to apply.

Gergana Soultanov, Sales European Manager, at Prod’Hyg, and François Marchio, European Managing Director, at Sytheon, also presented their own formulations for care products specially designed for use during and after exercise.

"The seminar was a great success for us", states Elisabet Puchol. "The participants were fascinated by our innovative formulations and had lively exchanges about their effects and textures."

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