Biesterfeld will distribute ExxonMobil's Santoprene TPV in Switzerland from 2020

ExxonMobil has granted Biesterfeld Plastic extended rights to sell its Santoprene TPV (thermoplastic vulcanisate). From 1.1.2020, Biesterfeld will also officially sell the product in Switzerland, meaning that it will then cover all of continental Europe. It also has rights to sell the product in the UK, Brazil and North Africa.

Santoprene TPV is a thermoplastic rubber consisting of a two-phase polymer of vulcanised EPDM rubber which is dispersed in a PP phase. The elastomer's properties are very similar to those of rubber, but it is also suitable for a wide variety of thermoplastic processing and is easy to recycle. The product's properties, such as excellent elasticity, ideal sealing capabilities and good chemical resistance, combined with extensive design flexibility and excellent surface properties, make it ideal for use in the automotive industry, in particular. Santoprene TPV is suitable for use in the construction, electrical equipment and consumer goods industries, and also for manufacturing cables and hoses. Santoprene TPV's consistently high quality and ease of processing always impress. 
"ExxonMobil Chemical is one of the world's leading producers of plastics," said Claus Berger, Product Manager, Biesterfeld Plastic. "For this reason, we are delighted that we will now be able to continue our successful collaboration also in Switzerland, where we will be able to provide our customers with application-specific technical support for Santoprene TPV, helping to find the right solutions for them." 

"We aim to work with Biesterfeld to achieve further successes with Santoprene TPV in Switzerland. Biesterfeld's superb market knowledge and the excellent application-specific technical support it provides will enable us to position our products in the market to best possible effect," responded Thierry Hombert, Americas, Europe & MEAF Sales Manager Specialty Elastomers at ExxonMobil Chemical, pleased with the development.

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